okt 11 2013

Tamiya TRF418 Chassis Kit – UPDATE

TRF418 Chassis Kit no: 42270

Tamiya is delighted to announce that the export version only of the exciting new high-spec TRF418 chassis kit will feature exclusive bonus parts.

These parts are not to appear in the Japanese domestic version of the kit, making them a highly attractive and welcome addition for overseas users.

 TRF418 Bonus Parts
  • Damper Springs – soft & hard, 2pcs. each
  • Soft Stabilizer Rods- front & rear, 1pc. each
  • 1 additional set of Suspension Arms
  • 1 additional set of Front Uprights
  • 1 additional set of Rear Uprights

The new Tamiya TRF418  are expected to Denmark and Sweden in end of November 2013 !

42270-2  lr